I see you decided to take a peek... Good for you!

I hope you are prepared... Because here we go!

Now let's see what should I say about myself?

I am a carbon based life form, that's a start. 

I like computers and seem to be pretty good with them...

I like playing computer games such as starcraft. I'm also pretty good at them. Well at least starcraft hey if you play on check my stats I'm Guru-Jeeves. O ya back to me I am a fairly good programmer I can write VB like the back of my hand, well at least the low level stuff, I can write C++ so so and I can do some pretty nifty Java animations. I like watching TV, my favorite shows are let's see Startrek, Sliders, JAG, TRL, ER and many more. Let's see what else is there about me? O I have a dog, a golden retriever. I also have a sister who also has a website. Click here to go to my sisters web site!

Let me think what else? I am an AOL user my sc is Masalad.

Now what else to put on this home page of mine?

If you are interested here are some links I've picked up over time:

Now what else can I put on this site?
O check this out:

Pet the kitty:

Well did the kitty change?

Ok what else to put on this web page?

How about some words of advice?

Ok that's a good idea...

1. Do not under any circumstance run with scissors.

2. Never leave your house without pant's on.

3. Always  respect the line.

4. It ain't over till the phat lady sings.

One more thing Hi to all my friends Alex, Kat, Hahnah and Allegra.

I guess that's all folks!

Come back soon too!



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